Lismore Paddle Marathon


The Lismore Paddle Marathon, the 7th race in the Vajda 2015 Northern Marathon Series was conducted on Sunday 30 August. Thanks to all those who made the journey to Lismore and thanks to the many volunteers from Far North Coast Club without whom the event could not happen.

The event was a great success. Many entrants appreciated the new course which was 1, 2 & 3 laps of approximately 6 kilometres in a downstream direction. Many also commented on the yummy food provided by our volunteer cooks.

There were 63 boats some of them doubles. A total of 76 competitors – not too bad day after all.


women men Total
6kms 3 4 7
12kms 8 20 28
18kms 10 31 41
21 55 76



Brisbane                                                                                                 5

Ballina                                                                                                     3

Currumbin                                                                                            18

FNCCC                                                                                                     6

Grafton                                                                                                  2

Byron                                                                                                      2

Hunter                                                                                                     1

Logan                                                                                                      2

North West                                                                                            1

NSW                                                                                                        3

Sandgage                                                                                               2

Sunshine                                                                                                 8

Varsity                                                                                                   17

Bonville                                                                                                   3


Awards given out were:

  • Clif Weaver Memorial Trophy for fastest single finisher in the 18 k first start:
    • Robert Pomie of Varsity in a K1 
  • Fastest single finisher in the 18 k event second start:
    • Andy Holder of Byron in a surf ski
  • Fastest single finisher in the 12 k event, first start:
    • Grant Cook of Currumbin in an unrestricted 1
    • (N.B. A mistake was made at the presentation and Lewis Fuller was awarded this medal. Apologies to both Lewis and Grant.)
  • Fastest single finisher in 12 event second start:
    • Dave Kair of Currumbin in a surf ski
  • Fastest single fisher in the 5 k event:
    • Natalie Rixon of Currumbin
  • Fastest Junior:
    • Hayden Cooper (U18) of Varsity in a K1

Full results and times will be emailed by Julie Frost.