Brisbane River Race report 17th July 2016


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It was good to see competitors still come from reasonable distances to race despite a full day and night of drizzling rain beforehand including several juniors coming down from Noosa to do their first race. Thankfully the clouds eased off to allow the race to be run under dry conditions making  conditions on and off the water nice.

Three race distances were on offer being 6, 12 and 18klm. The latter turning out to feel more like 24klm. Glassy conditions started the race and the paddlers were led off by two dragon boats complete with dragon head, drum and 22 or so in each boat. They were having lots of fun.

As the race progressed though the wind started to turn on and was blowing up the river. This made the once smooth conditions into small waves (big waves for some) particularly near the turnaround at Indooroopilly Bridge. Always a tough turn was a myriad on currents different every day. The wind just made this much tougher and the waves made for a hard slog extending the paddling times. A good say for the ski paddlers.

Thanks to all the hard working volunteers who provided not only the paddling requirements but also plenty of food and good coffee. Our sponsors Adreno – the best diver and water sports retailer in Brisbane and online, provided plenty of prizes and local cafe Three Girls Skipping some fabulous cup cakes. Chris Hurley provided a cash prize for best Tk1 and these spot prizes certainly increase numbers in the relevant categories.

Thank you to all that turned up and supported the race and we hope to see you next year.