2017 Vajda Northern Marathon Series Final Wrap up


It was a fantastic year of paddling. Thank you to our major sponsor, Vajda. In all there were 287 entries [209 males, 78 females, 43 paddlers were juniors (under 18)].

A wide variety of craft were used in the series from Guppie junior K1’s to double ocean racing skis.The most common craft was a K1 (104) followed by ocean ski (75) and then TK1 (36).

Approximately 30% of all paddlers completed 3 or more races in the 2017 series and thus were eligible for a NMS certificate of participation. Just over 50% of the paddlers competed in only 1 race. We need to encourage these paddlers to get involved in more races!

5 paddlers entered all 8 races of the 2017 season. They were Marilyn Drynan, Steve McLay, Tom Armitt, Grant Epple and Matthew Mason. Well done.

The paddler who accrued the greatest number of points in the series was Marilyn Drynan.

Paddlers who completed 5 or more races and placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their class were eligible for a coveted NMS medal. In 2017 28 Gold, 13 silver and 5 bronze medals were awarded.  See table for winners.

The points that individuals accrue during the season contribute to overall club points. In recent years there has been a lot of friendly rivalry between Varisty and Currumbin for the honours of being the club with the most points at the end of the season. In 2017, Currumbin finished the series well ahead of the other clubs:

Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club 1338.5
Sandgate Canoe Club 784
Varsity Lakes Paddlers Club 632.0
Brisbane Canoeing 452
Sunshine Coast Paddlesports Club 405
Far North Coast Canoe Club 353.5
Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club 147
West End Canoe Club 141.5
Greater Logan Canoe Club 98.5
North West 86
Grafton 61
Indooroopilly 57.5
BrisSup 50.5
University of Queensland 53.5
St Stephens 42
Bonville Creek Kayak Club 42
Karana 34
NewPort Waters 11
Polynesian Va’a-alo 5


Currumbin also fielded the greatest number of paddlers in the series (60+) compared to Sandgate (35) and Varsity (31).

The following paddlers received individual medals:

Class Name Club
K1 Junior (under 12) F Tori Rixon Currumbin/Varsity
Caitlin Mason Sandgate
K1 Junior (under 14) M Samuel King Koi Brisbane
K1 Junior (under 14) F Natalie Rixon Currumbin/Varsity
Ava Lund Currumbin
K1 Junior (under 16) M Liam Warriner Brisbane
Thomas King Koi Brisbane
Cameron Mason Sandgate
K1 Junior (under 16) F Sophie Rixon Currumbin/Varsity
Hannah Lund Currumbin
K1 Junior (under 18) M Jack Bicknell Wynnum Redlands
K1 open Jamie Boyle Varsity
Lewis Fuller Varsity
K1 Young vets M Jason Keating Sunshine Coast
Tom Armitt Currumbin
K1 Young Vets F Tina Effeney Sandgate
Jenny Theiss Sandgate
K1 Mature vets M Stuart Bryson Brisbane
Geoff Pearce Sunshine Coast
Armand le Roux Sandgate
K1 Mature vets F Donna Wilson Sandgate
K1 Vintage Vets M Greg Litherland Sandgate
John Donkersloot Greater Logan
K2 Young vets Grant Epple Currumbin
Linda Burnett Currumbin
K2 Vintage vets Bruce Taylor Far North Coast
Barbara Davies